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Wyoming is a tough place to grow anything, but I was determined, and now I have figs. I started Lattarula fig cuttings last year, and a Petite Negri fig cuttings 3 years ago. Both varieties are producing fruit this year! Sure I had to grow them under lights through winter in a warm-ish loft, and […]

My Best Friend Luna

I lost my dog and best friend Luna to cancer on Saturday October 22 2016. She was an important part of my everyday life, and I’m sort of devastated.

22lr for small game when shtf

Hate guns? Well before you completely tune me out, please consider what I am saying. What I am talking about is a smaller caliber rifle for hunting small game, like rabbits or small birds. Something that will provide sustenance for when the grocery store shelves are empty. I am not talking about a battle ready […]

Sometimes Shit Happens

I’m not a fearmonger, and I don’t think the world is ending tomorrow, but sometimes shit happens. In the hours, days, and weeks after a natural disaster, like the flooding in New Orleans, or the Icelandic volcanic eruptions in 2010 that shut down air traffic over Europe, fear and chaos ensued over the scarcity of […]

Quail Coop Revisions

We raise our coturnix quail in WY. The temperatures from mid summer to mid winter range from 90+ degrees to -25 Fahrenheit, and the wind during different parts of the year can be 50+ mph. This requires a flexible coop. One that is as good in summer as it is in winter. With the weather […]