Heirloom Tomato Varieties

| July 15, 2013
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
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If you have ever tried the iconic ‘heirloom’ tomato, you may have noticed an improvement in flavor over the run of the mill Roma or Beefsteaks normally available in the supermarket.

Fortunately many heirloom varieties of tomatoes are very easy to grow in your home garden. Experiment and pick varieties you’ve never tried or never even heard of. Here is a start, Pink Boar, Indigo Rose, Black Prince, Cherokee Purple, Rose, Dixie Gold, Black Krim, Yellow Pear, Black Cherry, Purple Plum, Green Zebra, German Green, Currant, Blondkopfchen.

The Gardenisto garden produced 9 varieties of tomatoes this year. Two of those varieties were favorites from last year; Black Cherry and Yellow Pear. While nine varieties may seem like a lot, it feels as though we have barely scratched the surface. Every year we continue to experiment and pick new favorites, and you can too.

Do a web search for some of the tomato varieties mentioned, check out our vendor reviews for reputable sellers, or leave us a comment if you are interested in any recommendations. We’d be happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained by growing different varieties of tomatoes, season after season.

While tomatoes are fairly easy to start from seed, if you need pointers or have difficult seeds to start, then refer to our seed starting guide.

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