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The Gardenisto | August 13, 2017
Potted Lychee Tree
Potting Up a Lychee Tree that started from an air layer.

This is mostly a garden update but also a short post about potting up some small coffee, and citrus starts. I haven’t posted updates in a while because of some life changes, relocation, blah blah, etc.

While in California I took a few cuttings, touched up some irrigation issues, and potted up some plants in the garden and the fore-mentioned ones that traveled with me. The lychee tree that started as an air layer a couple years ago needed to be lifted about 10 inches. It was intentionally planted low to shelter it from hot Southern California winds that deform new leaves and stress the plant. It was a little root bound, and giving it a deeper spae to root should help it handle stress, and flourish. A root bound Latarula fig was also potted up.

I re potted Liberica Coffee seedlings, and a Mandarinquat from coco starter medium, to a more nitrogen, humus, and microbiota rich potting soil. Yes… I used E.B Stone organic fertilizer starter. Its great stuff in a pinch.

The dragon fruit also flowered a ton this summer, but some combination of heat stress, nutritional issues, or poor pollination caused them to abort the fruits.

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