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Chokecherry berries are red to dark purple almost black, grow in dense clusters. The berries, high in antioxidants can be processed into a pleasant syrup.

Coffea Liberica aka excelsa, dewevrei, dybowskii

The Coffea Liberica is a ‘large’ or ‘giant’ leaved coffee variety. Its leaves are much larger and longer when compared to other Coffea Species.

Tillandsia Stricta

Tillandsia Stricta Plant Data. How to care for a Stricta, or grey hard leaved air plant.

Golden Currant

Plant data for the Golden Currant of Southern California, Ribes Aureum Gracillimum

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit, Hylocereus, Pitahaya, Plant Data. Growing instructions, propagation, and plant information.


Starfruit, or Averrhoa Carambola, Plant Data. Get all the habitat, growth, and propagation, and care information you need.

Australian Finger Lime

Australian Finger Lime, Also known as the Caviar Lime, Plant Data

Epiphyllum Hybrid X

The Epiphyllum or Epi Cactus, produces what some consider to be the most beautiful flower in the plant world. They also produce a Dragon Fruit like fruit, with flavor dependent on the variety.

Lychee Hak Ip

The Hak Ip Lychee tree is a preferred cultivar for its consistently productive nature, small seed, and great flavor.

Blueberry Pink Lemonade

If you prefer a slight tartness to your blue berries, then the pink lemonade blueberry may be a good crop to grow. In the worst case scenario it would be a great ornamental because of its redish fall and winter foliage, and a talking point for guests in your garden.

Coffea Catura

Coffea Catura Plant Data

Coffea Racemosa

Coffea Racemosa is a deciduous shrub that grows up to 3.5m. It has shorter lateral branches, compared to other Coffea Species. Its possible to grow Coffea Racemosa indoors, outside in zones down to 9b with special care, and outside in zone 13 without special care.

Coffea Arabica

The Coffea Arabica is the original and most widely consumed coffee in the world. See our Coffea Arabica Plant Data.