Epiphyllum Hybrid X

The Gardenisto | December 18, 2013
Epiphyllum Hybrid X 1

Epiphyllum Hybrid X 1

Epiphyllums produce what is perhaps one of the most, if not the most beautiful flower in the plant world. The many hybrids produced by both natural cross pollination as and enthusiasts, has led to thousands of unique and exotic looking flowers.

The massive endeavor to catalog hybrids can’t really keep up with the many new and amazing hybrids. There simply aren’t enough eyes to identify and catalog every hybrid cultivar. As such, the hybrid of Epiphyllum grown in the Gardenisto garden, will likely remain an unidentified mystery for a while.

Epiphyllum also produce an edible fruit, similar to the Dragon Fruit. The flavor of the fruits is highly variable, dependent on the hybrid. The Gardenisto hybrid is actually quite tasty, and fruits annually.

In addition to gorgeous flowers and tasty fruit, the plant is fairly durable and easy to grow. Exposing the plant to intense sunlight causes the plant edges to produce an intense redish color on leaves.

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