Hummingbird Sage Kumquat Cocktail

The Gardenisto | May 9, 2021
Hummingbird Sage Kumquat Cocktail
Celebrating good weather and company with a refreshing hummingbird sage kumquat cocktail.
Preparation Time

15 Minutes

Cooking Time

20 Minutes

Total Time

35 Minutes


About 6 Drinks

A Hummingbird Sage Kumquat Cocktail is a great way to enjoy two unique ingredients from the garden. While you can substitute hummingbird sage with another culinary sage, or savory herb, hummingbird sage adds an extra refreshing flavor to an already interesting citrus and tequila melody.


About 45 kumquats, sliced in thirds, seeds removed
15-20 hummingbird Sage leaves, roughly chopped
2/3 cups honey
2/3 cups water
10.5 ounces tequila


  1. Mix the kumquat Sage syrup with the tequila.
  2. Rim glasses with Sage salt.
  3. Fill glasses with ice.
  4. Pour marg Mix over ice.
  5. Garnish with more kumquat and Sage.
  6. Enjoy

Pineapple Sage or Hidcote Lavander also make great cocktails when combined with citrus. While nobody will complain about this drink, no matter how its served, presentation matters. You can save time and impress your guests by using a premade rimming salt, like Paloma Twang-a-Rita Rimming Salt and an attractive glass. It will take a simple and enjoyable drink to the next level.

Hummingbird Sage Kumquat Ingredients

Hummingbird sage and kumquat are simple, attractive, and tasty ingredients

For guests who are slower drinkers, although its unlikely to be a problem with this cocktail, there is nothing worse than a warm beverage. Consider treating them to a beverage that stays colder longer, by serving it in a double walled, insulated margarita glass.

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