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Chicks Are Grown Up and Laying Eggs
Chicken Coop Remodel

A small addition to the flock this summer required just a little more space in the chicken coop. So a remodel was needed. The coop has the same look and feel, but is bigger with even more ease of access. I managed to recycled nearly all of the old coop materials, and only use a limited amount of new materials.

Quail Coop and Quail Run Upgrade

I did a major remodel on the quail coop. Its more functional, with a run that houses food and water, so that the coop stays cleaner and fresher smelling. And yes, it looks even more like a child’s doll house now.

Quail Coop Revisions
Quail Camera

Project to put together and support a Quail webcam for 2016, called Quail Cam, from a beagleboard computer and an ip camera.

DIY Gamebird Feed Ingredients

Mix your own high protein gamebird, pheasant, quail, and poultry feeds with this list of readily available food items. Items are easily found at grocery, hardware, and pet stores. A resource for diy gamebird, and quail feeds.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

True free ranging chickens, who are given a high quality feed, lay the best eggs. However, when it comes to finding the next best thing, quality eggs at the store, a consumer is faced with the B.S. egg labeling schemes.

Coturnix Quail Hutch

Our dual purpose quail hutch and patio bench table. Designed and built for keeping Coturnix quail, in a discrete and attractive way.

Blind Chickens

Every now and then a chick hatches without eyes, an infection that caused blindness in the embryo, or poor development of eyes or eyelids due to nutrition.

Backyard Chicken Coop

It’s been a few years since we had our own chickens, so we decided to get four little girls, and build a brand new chicken coop with a trapper lodge look.

Meet The Girls – Baby Chickens!

Meet the girls. Here are the chicks, the weather finally permitting, on their first day outside.