Coffea Racemosa

The Gardenisto | December 12, 2013
Coffea Racemosa
Coffea Racemosa
Coffea Racemosa

Coffea Racemosa 2

The Coffea Racemosa is a deciduous shrub up to 3.5m, with short lateral branches, compared to other Coffea Species. It is a less prolific producer of coffee cheries. Coffee cherries of the Racemosa cultivar contain comparatively less caffeine than other commercially cultivated coffee varieties.

Growing Coffea Racemosa:
Its possible to grow Coffea Racemosa indoors, outside in zones down to 9b with special care, and outside in zone 13 without special care. We suggest planting your plant or seedlings in movable containers with a good moisture retentive and slightly acidic medium, treating it as a tender plant, bringing it indoors in cooler weather, and providing moisture and humidity should your climate be devoid of it.

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