Quail Camera

| October 13, 2015


I set up a Kickstarter project to put together and support a Quail webcam for 2016, called Quail Cam. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1143260378/quail-cam

I will turn a credit card sized computer(BeagleBoard) and an IP camera into a 30fps 640×480 web stream of both quail hatches, and adult quail. I will publish the feed on a new satellite connection, and host the video stream from a dedicated url.

I wanted to share a hobby that I greatly enjoy, by turning it into an entertaining, and educational resource, available to anyone. When baby quail hatch, they are about the size of a quarter, are absolutely adorable, and amazing to watch develop.

Coturnix quail reach maturity in about 6-8 weeks, so I will run multiple hatches throughout the year, so that the entire development cycle can be observed by everyone.

It would be great if children and adults alike could reconnect with nature, and its adorable miracles, through the technology that is partially responsible for the disconnect to begin with. Please checkout the Kickstarter page, and consider supporting if you are able.

Thank you,