Tillandsia Stricta

| May 9, 2014
Tillandsia StrictaStricta Pup
Tillandsia Stricta is one of the most common species of air plants. It is very easy to grow, fast growing, and tolerates a wide range of growing conditions. The most common have grey leaves, but can be blackish, or even silver in color.

Like most Tillandsias, Strictas are simple to care for. Completely soak in water once a week for 30 minutes, and supplement with misting from a spray bottle when hot or dry. Watering should be done in the earlier part of the day. Strictas are tolerant to limited direct sunlight, but thrives in bright filtered light, or under a fluorescent bulb.

The flower grows at the tip of a spike, is very colorful, but only occurs once in the Tillandsia Stricta life cycle.

Propagation can be done by seed, or by offsets commonly referred to as “pups”, produced during and after the flowering of a parent plant.