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Horticulture, hydroculture, and cultivation.

Sterile Soil vs Living Soil

There are two major schools of thought on soil and potting mixes. Sterile and Living soils both have benefits and drawbacks.

Winter Gardens

You don’t have to wait until spring to have a healthy and productive garden. The weather in your area might actually be perfect for leafy greens, root crops, and herbs.

Kale, Cabbage, Collard Greens, Carrots, Beets, Radish, Turnips, Kohlibri, Swiss Chard, Parsely, Spinach, and various herbs all have a place in a winter garden.

If you live in a warmer climate it is possible to grow potatoes in raised planter beds. The raised beds, tote boxes, or even tires, as well as planting mediums like straw provide some insulation, and allow potatoes to thrive through cold spells.

Growing in Coco Coir: Getting Started
Grow Garlic from Bulbils (seed)

Its easy to Grow Garlic from Bulbils a.k.a seeds. Not only is it easy, but its the most prolific way to increase your future garlic yields. GYO heirloom garlic with huge yields.

Heirloom & Open Pollinated

An heirloom plant is a cultivar that existed before plant breeders introduced hybrid cultivars. However, authorities don’t agree on an exact cutoff date.

Although open-pollinated cultivars have been introduced after 1951, a widely accepted date, others believe the cultivar needs to have a documented history of 50 or even 100 years. Some believe the date to be 1945.


The science of plant health has moved well beyond basic plant nutrition. Research has shown the importance of proper nutrition, vitamins, plant hormones, light wavelengths, and even beneficial fungi.

Beneficial fungi that live in the rhizosphere(root system) of your plants, create a symbiotic relationship that can really help your plants thrive!

The Nitrogen Cycle

A basic guide to the Nitrogen Cycle. The foundation of functional aquaponic systems, thriving plants, and healthy fish.

DIY Organic Liquid Fertilizer

How to make an organic liquid fertilizer from kelp, for use in both the garden and hydroponic systems.

Deep Water Culture Transplant

How To: Transplant a sprout from soil to a deep water culture hydroponic system, without contamination from unwanted organic debris.

Sprinkler Head Replacement

Sprinkler Head Replacement is easy, fix your own broken sprinklers.

Planning A Vegetable Garden

Planning a vegetable garden is easier than you might think.

Deep Water Culture

How To: Setup a Deep Water Culture system. An easy and affordable hydproponic setup, made from 5 gallon buckets, and aquarium supplies.

Organic Pest Control

Get rid of your garden pests organically. We’ll show you how easy, and effective organic pest control can be!

IncrEdible Color

Grow more colorful veggies in your garden. See some of our expert plant suggestions for growing incredible edible colors.

Tater Box

Grow 50+ pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet of garden space with potato box. A cheap, and effective use of garden space.