Sometimes Shit Happens

I’m not a fearmonger, and I don’t think the world is ending tomorrow, but sometimes shit happens. In the hours, days, and weeks after a natural disaster, like the flooding in New Orleans, or the Icelandic volcanic eruptions in 2010 that shut down air traffic over Europe, fear and chaos ensued over the scarcity of goods.

In Europe, people descended upon stores for a limited amount of goods. Stores were empty in days and no new provisions were on their way. The supply chain was severely interrupted, and by the grace of god, or luck, or whatever you want to call it, the volcanic eruptions subsided, air traffic resumed, and supply chains were restored.

In New Orleans, besides raiding stores for food and water, some folks used the hysteria and lack of policing as an opportunity to loot and steal from their local businesses and neighbors.

You don’t have to be a total nutbag preaching about the end times on a street corner to want to be prepared if SHTF.

I personally prefer not to be dependent on a grocery store if and when something does happen. I’m not saying build a bunker, or bury caches of ammo in the forest. All I’m saying is sharpen up some gardening skills, have a few supplies around, make sure your guns are functional and you have enough ammo to last a little while. Don’t like guns then just make sure you can supplement what you wont have available.

We are by no means ready to live completely off of our garden and poultry today, but we do have seed stock, and other dry goods to get us to that point. We have a well, a few months worth of propane, enough poultry grain to keep things functioning until we could support ourselves and our poultry completely, and the poultry produces enough eggs to fulfill our protein needs.

I know this seems like a random post for Gardenisto, but I think some of the skills I have to share are the ones that reduce my need to use the grocery store, so I set up a category called SHTF, and will post some self reliance and sustainability stuff under it, not doomsday fear-mongering nut job crap, when the topic isn’t a typical one for Gardenisto.