22lr for small game when shtf

Hate guns? Well before you completely tune me out, please consider what I am saying. What I am talking about is a smaller caliber rifle for hunting small game, like rabbits or small birds. Something that will provide sustenance for when the grocery store shelves are empty. I am not talking about a battle ready rifle with ballistics designed for killing other humans.

So if you don’t have a gun, consider getting one, plan on receiving proper training, and taking a hunter education course.

If the idea of a real gun still irks you, consider getting an air rifle that could reliably take a rabbit at close range, because I would hate for you to have to regret a steadfast opinion about gun ownership and all the political BS, when all you are interested in doing is surviving, and all I want to do is make sure you are able.

So what to get? Any 22 rimfire rifle that is reliable and easy to operate.

The rimfire 22 or 22 caliber long rifle, abbreviated as 22lr, is an affordable small caliber ammunition, with a smaller range and less ballistic energy than other larger caliber rifles. The effective range for most newer shooters with a stock .22 rifle is going to be 25-35 yards, and that is sufficient for survival.

I personally own a Ruger 10/22 and prefer it to other 22lr rifle models and manufacturers. I use it in its stock configuration, without a scope, for rabbit and other small game. It gets a lot of use every season, and reliably puts food on the table.

Sure the 22lr are is puny compared to almost anything else, but in a survival situation its small, light, reliable, portable, accurate at shorter ranges, easy to maintain, and if you become a good shooter, 500 rounds of ammunition means 500 rabbits.

A 22lr rifle can be purchased for less than 200 dollars. Ammunition in today’s hoarder market can still be acquired for less than 10 cents per round.

Lets take a look at the economics.

1 22lr round of ammo(10 cents) = 1 rabbit(1-2lbs of organic rabbit meat), with even better nutrition than chicken.
3.00 = 1lbs organic chicken store bought, at a minimum(assuming its available)

Whether you are hunting for survival when SHTF, or its a seasonal form of sustenance and recreation, the economics favor hunting small game. And don’t think all you can hunt with a 22lr is rabbits. Depending on your state’s laws snow hare, rabbits, squirrel, grouse, turkey, and other small birds. You’ll additionally have an effective means of defending livestock from predators like fox, racoons, coyotes, etc. As well as fly tying materials for fly fishing for sustenance.

For more information on small game nutritional values check out this link: Wild Game Nutrition