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Hydroculture, soilless plant cultivation

DIY Hydroponic System with Lighting $30

Build a small sized hydroponics system with lighting for $30. Small and affordable. Makes a great indoor Herb Garden, suitable for an apartment or other small space.

Extreme Pot Drainage

Many gardeners struggle with plants in containers because of inadequate drainage. Plants cycle from being neglected and needing water, to being drowned by over watering. Besides suffocating a plant, over watering often leads to disease, unrecoverable wilt, leaf loss, and the eventual death of a plant.

Growing in Coco Coir: Getting Started
The Nitrogen Cycle

A basic guide to the Nitrogen Cycle. The foundation of functional aquaponic systems, thriving plants, and healthy fish.

DIY Organic Liquid Fertilizer

How to make an organic liquid fertilizer from kelp, for use in both the garden and hydroponic systems.

Deep Water Culture Transplant

How To: Transplant a sprout from soil to a deep water culture hydroponic system, without contamination from unwanted organic debris.

Deep Water Culture

How To: Setup a Deep Water Culture system. An easy and affordable hydproponic setup, made from 5 gallon buckets, and aquarium supplies.

Hydroponic Basics

What you need to know! A basic guide to getting started in hydroponic gardening. Learn the benefits and the drawbacks, and the different systems available to produce large and stable yields.

A Simple Hydroponic Drip System

How to setup a simple hydroponic drip system. Affordable, and practical hydroponic systems for the home gardener. Not just another cheapo bucket DIY.